Yuzhnaya Doroga, 15, St Petersburg, 197110 Sunday-Thursday 12 PM–12 AM, Friday-Saturday 12 PM–1 AM

Our Brewery

Do you know how they used to determine the strength and quality of beer in the old days?

A barrel of beer was poured onto an oak bench, and the inspectors wearing leather trousers were immediately seated on it. If, after an hour, the inspectors remained firmly seated on the bench, the beer was considered to be of high-quality, strong and brewed in accordance with all regulations. Nowadays, we certainly don’t ask our guests to test the quality of our beer with their pants, although we do have excellent oak benches.

The Modern Technologies of Beer Brewing

For nearly two decades, we have been able to guarantee the highest quality of our beverages through the integration of cutting-edge technologies from Caspary, the renowned Bavarian brand of brewing equipment with centuries-old customs.

This makes our beer truly special, with excellent qualities that deserve the cordial recommendations of our guests, connoisseurs and craftsmen.

The Brewery Is Our Pride

In the hall on the first floor, our guests can observe colossal beer boilers and shiny copper pipes than intertwine beneath the ceiling with massive wooden beams, creating a magnificent impression.

If you wish, you can take a tour of the brewery and learn more about the intricate process of beer brewing.

For instance, you will find that wort for our beer is produced through a traditional decoction method, fermentation is conducted according to the traditional Bavarian technique, and high-quality raw materials give our beer its best taste qualities.

And, sure enough, we strictly follow the 1516 Munich Beer Purity Law.


The guided tours take place every day from 16:00 to 20:00.


Please book the tour in advance when reserving a table at 633-03-03.