Yuzhnaya Doroga, 15, St Petersburg, 197110 Sunday-Thursday 12 PM–12 AM, Friday-Saturday 12 PM–1 AM


The Karl and Friedrich restaurant and brewery has been serving its guests for two decades.

It seamlessly combines traditional Bavarian style with the latest technologies, friendly service and home-like hospitality.

The restaurant building looks like a mill with a tiled roof. It’s hard to find a more authentic place for a beer restaurant in all of St. Petersburg. The first glimpse of the mill leaves a lasting impression on our guests.  The restaurant features 4 different size halls and an on-site brewery.

The restaurant is surrounded by perfectly manicured green lawns and the only real beer garden in St. Petersburg, known in German as The Biergarten.

The tables are set right under the shady trees, which is the main feature of a traditional Bavarian biergarten.  The Karl and Friedrich beer garden features its own bar, stage and outdoor seating area, accommodating up to 1000 guests.

The restaurant’s interior takes guests to old Bavaria

Tables and chairs made of noble wood are harmoniously paired with massive arches and pillars dividing the room into separate zones.  Ceiling beams and trellises are adorned with grapes and flower garlands.

The restaurant’s massive floor space is capable of accommodating a large number of people, while thoughtfully designed areas allow each guest to feel comfortable.

Meat dishes from Germany and Bavaria make up the majority of the menu

The main focus of our cuisine is to find a perfect food pairing for our beer, which is why our menu offers beer snacks to suit any palate.  Preference is given to Bavarian and German meat dishes: Munich sausages, Oktoberfest chicken, pretzels with obatzda, goulash soup and many more.

Waiters dressed in traditional Bavarian costumes

We honour Bavarian traditions and keep the spirit of the place alive not just by brewing branded beer but also by wearing traditional clothes.

Girls are wearing Dirndl – a traditional woman’s costume. It comprises a blouse with a bodice on top and a wide skirt with a bright apron at the bottom. The ensemble is complemented by an ornamental necklace.

Men are wearing Lederhose, which means leather pants in German. The pants are lavishly decorated with embroidery and ribbons. Just like the young men of Bavaria, our waiters wear their lederhosen with leather suspenders and classical shirts. The shirts worn under the lederhose can vary in colour.

The History of the Restaurant

The Karl and Friedrich restaurant boasts a unique history, which began in the 18th century and involved Emperor Peter the Great. Its authenticity can be confirmed by a special stone on the restaurant’s premises. It bears an inscription that says: the first Russian brewery was founded here in 1724 by order of Peter the Great.

The Restaurant’s Team

Chef Dmitry Korsakov and his team work hard to recreate a Bavarian atmosphere at the restaurant.

All team

The Karl and Friedrich is the only restaurant in St. Petersburg to have a traditional Bavarian beer garden, which can accommodate 1000 people

Here you can escape the bustle and relax with a cold beer in the shade. VIEW THE TERRACE

3D tour of the restaurant

Our little guests can enjoy an on-site zoo

Where rabbits, squirrels, goats, geese, sheep and deer are carefully looked after. You are welcome to feed the animals with specially prepared treats, such as apples, carrots and cabbage. These can be purchased at the reception of the restaurant. In addition to the zoo, kids can have fun at the playground, which resembles a medieval castle complete with swings, ropeways, a sandbox, and a friendly dragon.


Our guests and reviews

Фото Анастасия


Атмосферное место с шикарным обслуживанием ✨

Фото Кристина


Каждое лето мы посещаем это чудесное место ❤??! Обожаю подобную атмосферу: свежий воздух, солнце, живая музыка, веселые люди и конечно же вкуснейшее пиво! Думаю, на Октоберфесте происходит что-то подобное:) А ещё нам повезло и мы попали на сезон раков ?

Фото Елизавета


«Карл и Фридрих» или маленькая Германия в СПб ?? Это не только ресторан с собственной пивоварней, а целый развлекательный комплекс. Само здание ресторана – замок мельница ? Посадочные места внутри заведения, так же летом работает уличная терраса , детская площадка и зоопарк ? можно покормить животных. Зайдя внутрь попадаешь в атмосферу немецкого пивного ресторана, все официанты в традиционных баварских нарядах, камин, очень теплая атмосфера и много -много вкусного пива и закусок?? Советую это место для любителей хорошего пива и атмосферных мест ??

Фото Александр


Ресторан порадовал атмосферой, которую уже так давно хочется ощутить. Многие узнавали у меня про это место. Немного расскажу. Двухэтажный ресторан с собственной пивоварней, где сейчас есть рождественское пиво, которое должен попробовать каждый ценитель новогодних напитков. 

Николай Фоменко

Советский и российский актёр кино и дубляжа, сценарист, автор песен, кинокомпозитор, теле- и радиоведущий; заслуженный артист РФ. Один из основателей и участник бит-квартета «Секрет».

Александр Розенбаум

Советский и российский певец, автор-исполнитель, поэт, музыкант, композитор, киноактёр, врач, народный артист Российской Федерации (2001).

Живанилду Виейра де Соуза (Халк)

Бразильский футболист, нападающий клуба «Атлетико Минейро». В 2015 году стал чемпионом России, а также взял Суперкубок России.