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Restaurant with children’s room

restaurant with a children's rooma restaurant with a children’s room in St. Petersburg is a real salvation for the parents. The child is given a large amount of fun, and you calmly grab lunch or dinner.

In the children’s room of the restaurant there is a plastic slide, an easel for painting, plasma, cartoons, designer children’s houses, basketball Hoop and more. Children have to draw out the gingerbread! By the way, the restaurant and thought about it, and include in menu, that gingerbread man.

The restaurant with a children’s room in St. Petersburg

Permanently in St. Petersburg increased the rate of demand for cafes and restaurants that are focused on family entertainment, with a different menu and a children’s room. This type of restaurant provides the ability to create all the right moments, to have a good time. It should be noted that already a large number of parents made their choice in favor of these unique restaurants.

Restaurant for kids and their parents

restaurant for children and parentstoday the most important characteristic of high quality of restaurant service is that there is a nursery since not every parents are able to visit the restaurant this weekend. It is because just impossible for someone to leave their child. But a restaurant with a childrens room is the best option. Here the child can take advantage of the exciting and educational activities, combined with the game.

A relaxing or romantic time will be exciting not only for mom and dad, but also for their children, as children will talk about the rules of etiquette, and after dinner they can go to play.

For children a special menu is being developed. All dishes are prepared with love for children, and even the most ardent «nehochuha» great pleasure will try the carrot salad and makaroshki of colored pasta..

Meals children’s menus are prepared with exotic spices and hot spices, and the waiter stands ready to assist in the selection process.

The restaurant with a children’s room in St. Petersburg: what do parents receive?

Children's room at the restaurant "Karl Friedrich."Parents a possibility to spend a relaxing moment over dinner there is no need to babysit and worry about your baby.

A restaurant with a children’s room in Saint-Petersburg can offer you a good time considering the fact that your child will be always happy and busy with games.

Advantages of a restaurant with a children’s room in St. Petersburg:

  • Extra free time for parents.
  • Organized family activities.
  • Regardless of the time you can arrange a small celebration for a child, and not need to adjust to the schedule of a nanny.
  • Children get extra positive emotions – even the smallest guests of the restaurant can be busy with interesting games.

Where to go with kids for the weekend?

When there is a question about where to go with the child on weekends, the answer will not keep itself waiting long! Of course, in the restaurant «Karl and Frederick». Our restaurant works only by qualified personnel trained. They are very attentive, observant and resilient.

Children’s room of our restaurant different is that it is comfortable and safe, there are no drafts and any sharp objects. The child’s safety is the most important.

It is worth noting that in the children’s room or hall of the restaurant can organize a Banquet or children’s party.
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