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Petting zoo

In the case where the child reaches out to learn more about the life of animals, or conversely, afraid of them, I advise you to take him to a petting zoo. This article will be able to give all the answers to questions about the petting zoo.

A petting zoo can be found in almost every city. Such communication with animals is essentially new. Animals are not just placed in a cage and given the opportunity of coming into direct contact. Then there are animals you can feed, pet, and sometimes play with them.

Every child is given the opportunity to make sure that the cock crows, duck quacks, and the deer loves apples. As the most important rules for contact of zoos is in the first place, that prohibits the keeping of animals that may pose a threat to life. But still should be on guard. Even the cute little animals have teeth and claws. Therefore it is necessary to closely monitor behavioral characteristics of animals. Even a rabbit bites sometimes! And visitors, of course, it is not necessary to show consumer attitude to animals, for example, Seating the child on the neck of the goat or pull the tail. When you are going to visit the petting zoo, take a few minutes and tell your child about the art of safe communication.

Where is the zoo named Cheburashka

The zoo named Cheburashka is located right behind the restaurant «Karl and Friedrich, if you stand facing the entrance. Strolling down the main Avenue of the Primorsky Victory Park on Krestovsky island has long made a visit to the zoo in your binding route.

How much does it cost

In the zoo no box office, no tickets, no queues. A visit to the zoo was always free will and pleasure. On a bench near the entrance sat a Gene with the Cheburashka, and at desire it is possible to make a donation in a special box that they keep in the legs. All proceeds go to purchase new animals and build houses for them. For example, the money raised in 2013, managed to acquire a female deer. And now the little calf is pleasing to the eye in the petting zoo to them. Cheburashka in the restaurant «Russian fishing in Komarovo.

Our residents and care for them

The zoo has ostriches, foxes, a pony, deer, donkey, goat, sheep, squirrels, Minks, Sables, raccoons, and birds pet types, pheasant and owl. But the biggest interest in children are «fuzzies» — an ordinary rabbit. Sometimes these animals hiding in your house, but often run directly under the feet of the guests of the zoo, and then the delight of the children there is no limit. Trying to catch the rabbit it may take some time. Some manage to capture the animal on hand, but the majority is sufficient and the process of the chase.

The lack of polar bears and Bengal tigers at the zoo kompensiruet minimum distance between animals and visitors. So minimal that anyone can reach out and touch the animals. But better not to risk it – ostriches, for example, can severely pinch. If you want to establish contact is better to buy the restaurant special food (pack of fresh vegetables for $ 100) and feed the animals. Always the children, and sometimes adults, are leaving the Zoo named Cheburashka in a good mood.

At the zoo is very clean – they are qualified experts: feed the animals, examine them regularly and prepared for the onset of different seasons, every day clean the cages and houses.


The petting zoo. Why the «Karl and Friedrich»?

Petting zoo, restaurant «Karl and Friedrich» can help your child overcome fear, or simply to provide fun fellowship with tame animals. Visit our zoo named Cheburashka and you and your kid will give you many positive emotions from such family entertainment.

Hours of the zoo:

from 09:00 to 21:00. Admission is free.