Eseltag - Donkey Day - Карл и Фридрих
Restaurant brewery «Karl and Friedrich»
Krestovsky ostrov, Yuzhnaya doroga, 15 197110, Saint Petersburg,
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Sun-Thu from 12.00 till 00.00, Fri-Sat from 12.00 till 01.00
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Eseltag - Donkey Day

Eseltag - Donkey Day June 3rd, it was hot at the restaurant “Karl and Friedrich”! We have celebrated a grand opening of the summer season 2016. The festive mood and delicious flavors of German cuisine filled the halls and terraces of “Karl and Friedrich”. Before the starting of the program guests were entertained by the fabulous stilt-walkers, remarkable jugglers, mimes and funny clowns on the big bikes. The national Bavarian music sounded from the scene. The main intrigue of the festival was, to which beer bucket will come a donkey-predictor. The guests’ opinions were divided, and everyone was rooting for his version. If he chooses a light beer, the summer will be warm and long, if the dark – it will be hot, but short. As a result, our donkey from the Cheburashka zoo went to the bucket with the light beer and predicted us a warm and long summer! There were dancing, songs and competitions by animators in disguise of Town Musicians of Bremen. Then the bands Déjà Vu and “Severyane” appeared on the stage. Throughout the evening, guests were participating in the lottery. A moderator pulled numbers of winners and handed over different certificates: for participation in the crayfish races at the Crayfish Festival, for a free glass of beer at the Brewer`s Day, for a signature dish from the chief cook at the Grill Fest, for a sausage at the Day of piggy squeal, a special cocktail at the Builder`s Day. Also, anyone could take part in the “entertainment games”:  to attach a donkey tail with eyes closed, to put a tail in the bottle, to play donkey football and pull a rope. Throughout the festival, beer was flowing like water, the dancefloor was full, and everybody wished the holiday never ends!