Crayfish festival is coming - Карл и Фридрих
Restaurant brewery «Karl and Friedrich»
Krestovsky ostrov, Yuzhnaya doroga, 15 197110, Saint Petersburg,
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Sun-Thu from 12.00 till 00.00, Fri-Sat from 12.00 till 01.00
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Crayfish festival is coming

On August 28 (7.30 p.m.) and 29 (4 p.m.) August there will be an annual festive meal with crayfish on the summer terrace, where one can eat, drink and have a great time. Crayfish Festival is a typical european holiday, which marks the end of summer. And there is a reason for it, because it’s August when crayfishes have already started a family, gained sturdy shell and can be drawn in large quantities. Crayfishes are eaten with gusto, loud sucking and smacking become a part of the ritual. All guests are provided with caps and aprons. See a holiday trailer.   VENUE: a restaurant summer terrace and biergarten. A SPECIAL OFFER: juicy crayfishes will be cooked in a big cauldron  right in front of the guests at a very low price (will be mentioned later). ENTERTAINMENT: animators,  crayfish run, attractions for children and adults, beer contests with prizes, outdoor disco and photobooth free of charge. FOR CHILDREN: children's playground castle on the premises; a children's room with a nanny; Cheburashka Zoo; special menu for children. Book the table free at (812) 320 79 78. If the weather is bad, the programme can be changed. Hope for your understanding. All the event photos will be posted on the website, in the event group and in our group in Vkontakte.