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Restaurant brewery «Karl and Friedrich»
Krestovsky ostrov, Yuzhnaya doroga, 15 197110, Saint Petersburg,
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Sun-Thu from 12.00 till 00.00, Fri-Sat from 12.00 till 01.00
Karl 0

Non-alcoholic wheat beer. What kinds of beer are not produced by the brewery "Karl and Friedrich"! These are classical German styles (Pilsner, Lager, Hefe Weizen, Dunkel), and special varieties (Oktoberfest, Christmas, Merzen, Maibok), and even joint innovative beer with colleagues from other breweries. But here is a non-alcoholic beer, despite the demand for this product, in "Karl and Friedrich" was not yet. And the whole point is that our brewery is fully loaded, and for non-alcoholic beer we simply do not have capacity. But we found a way out! Chief brewer Alexei Chernysh went to the famous Bavarian brewery Steiner, and the result of this trip was non-alcoholic wheat beer "Karl 0", brewed in Bavaria exclusively for the restaurant "Karl and Friedrich"!

Karl I

Light barley unfiltered bottom fermentation beer. Belongs to the Pilsner type. It has a gentle hops flavour and pronounced bitterness. It is made of light barley malt and gentle-flavoured hops.

Karl II

Half-light (golden) barley unfiltered bottom fermentation beer. Belongs to the Lager type. It has a gentle sweetish taste and a malty flavour. It is made of light barley malt, Munich malt and fragrant hops.

Karl III

Light wheat unfiltered top fermentation beer. Belongs to the Weizen type. It has a typical flavour for this type of beer, contains “banana” and “cloves” notes, which appear while using of special ferment. The aroma and the high content of carbon dioxide make wheat beer very popular, especially in a warm season. It is made of barley malt, wheat malt and hops.


Dark unfiltered barley bottom fermentation beer. Belongs to the Lager type. It is called Dunkel in Germany. It is a dense and strong beer with sweetish caramelized taste and a bread flavour, with a little hint of bitterness. It is made of light barely, Munich caramelized and burnt malt.

Christmas brand

Christmas beer is a seasonal sort from the brewery “Karl and Friedrich”. Half-dark unfiltered strong beer brewed with vanilla, cinnamon and cloves, which give to it a spicy flavour and taste of dried fruit. It has a little hint of bitterness because of the high strength.


We will meet the spring with March beer! Traditional half-dark beer, close to the Lager type, but with higher strength (5.7 % abv) and intense hop flavour. It is the best way to tell winter goodbye and to face spring!


The opening of summer terrace with Maibock Traditional strong light beer of high density. In comparison with the light beer Karl I, the spring Maibock has more pronounced malty flavour. This beer is brewed in Germany special for public spring festivals and street feasts.

Oktoberfest beer

Only during the holidays you may try 1l jug of the half-dark unfiltered Oktoberfest beer

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Beer to go

In our restaurants you may take beer to go in plastic bottles (1.5 l – 570 rub.) and nice glass bottles (2 l — 2500 rub., 5 l — 5500 rub.). Also we have a unique experience – beer in a gift bottle a la champagne (0.75 l — 350 rub.). Beer maturation process goes straight in a bottle causing a little sediment. It can last up to 2 months.

1. Plastic bottle 1.5 l
570 rub.
3. Glassbottle 5 l
5500 rub.
2. Gift bottle a la champagne 0.75 l
350 rub.
4. Giftbox (2 bottles)
700 rub.
     Giftbox (4bottles)
1400 rub.
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The secrets of brewing

The history of brewing goes back over 5000 years, when beer is found in the culture of many nations. Brewing technology continuously evolved over that period and reached its heyday in Germany, where in the Middle Ages special requirements for raw material for beer production were defined. The recipe of German beer – malt, hops and water – is enshrined in the 1516 Bavarian ”Decree on the Purity of Brewing” (Reinheitsgebot), which still remains intact. Over the centuries, in addition to the German requirements regarding ingredients, requirements concerning the quality of the equipment have also been added. The technology used by the Karl and Friedrich brewery is an example of the right German approach to the beer production. It uses traditional methods to decoct mash in specialized equipment and the fermentation process employs the classic Bavarian technology of open fermentation.

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About the brewery and the main brewer

In spring 2012, Karl and Friedrich launched a new brewery built to specifications created especially for the brewery by the Bavarian company Caspary. Caspary traces its history all the way back to 1788. And for centuries the profession of brewer was passed from father to son in the Caspary family until brewmaster Rudolf Caspary founded the family company, which is now widely known throughout the world. Today, there are more than 150 breweries that have been designed and built by Caspary. On the recommendation of Caspary, Karl and Friedrich appointed Alexey Chernysh as the head of its brewery. The opening of the new Karl and Friedrich brewery is a great event for St. Petersburg. It sets a new standard for the production of beer in Russia and allows local patrons to learn about the unique experience of brewing. Currently a member of the Petersburg Guild of Brewers, Alexey Chernysh is the official representative of Caspary GmbH in Russia.